• You've Been Challenged 2

You have been challenged. If you accept this challenge, you will see how much your friends really care for you. You are to collect as many K&R Bash e-greetings as possible within 5 days. As your you receive more K&R Bash e-greetings, your points/credits will accumulate. At the end of the 5 days, you can redeem the points/credits for an e-gift of your choice from Visa, Amazon, Ebay, Target, or other merchant gift card. You will receive 1 credit for accepting this challenge.  E-cards will be distributed in values from $5 to $1,000. The value of the card will end in 0  except for the initial $5 when the user receives 5 credits. For example, if a user has 21 credits and is ready to redeem those credits, he or she will receive an e-card of his or her choice worth $20 and the extra credit will roll over until enough credits are accumulated. See the table below for more info:

Number of CreditsE-Card ValueCard Options
5$5.00$5.00 e-Cards from local restaurants
10$10.00$10.00 e-Cards from additional restaurants
20$20.00$20.00 e-Cards from restaurants, departments stores, and visa card option
30$30.00$30.00 e-Cards from restaurants, departments stores, and visa card option
50$50.00$50.00 e-Cards from all of our partners
100$100.00$100.00 e-Cards from all of our partners
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    You've Been Challenged 2

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