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Wish that special someone a happy birthday with this personalized video. You can enter a personal message or select a message. The recipient will receive a link to the video via email or text and can share it on his or her social media account. The recipient  will receive 3 credits for this video. As more friends send virtual gifts, the credits will accumulate and the recipient will be able to redeem it for a merchant or Visa gift card. E-cards will be distributed in values from $5 to $1,000. The value of the card will end in 0  except for the initial $5 when the user receives 5 credits. For example if a user has 21 credits and is ready to redeem those credits, he or she will receive an e-card of his or her choice worth $20 and the extra credit will roll over until the enough credits are accumulated. See the table below for more info:

Number of CreditsE-Card ValueCard Options
5$5.00$5.00 e-Cards from local restaurants
10$10.00$10.00 e-Cards from additional restaurants
20$20.00$20.00 e-Cards from restaurants, departments stores, and visa card option
30$30.00$30.00 e-Cards from restaurants, departments stores, and visa card option
50$50$5000 e-Cards from all of our partners
100$100$100.00 e-Cards from all of our partners
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Fireworks Video

Bang (timbo inspired) by Awdible Major
BMG 2432 by BMG
My Cat's a Stoner by Beatnabob
Bumbler by Andy G. Cohen
Remedy for Melancholy by Kai Engel

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